Download Lenovo Downloader Tool (All Version)

Lenovo Downloader is a small tool that allows Flash Stock Rom in Phone’s and Tablet which have Qualcomm Chipset.

In this article, we will learn the features of the Lenovo Downloader Tool and also provide one click download Link. (Please note that, with the help of Lenovo Downloader Tool, you can only flash stock Rom with the Qualcomm Chipset Phones and Tablets)

Use Lenovo Downloader Tool

Features of Lenovo Downloader Tool

Simple Interface :

Lenovo Downloader Tool comes with simple interface, much similar to Sreadtrum Upgrade Tool (SPD Upgrade Tool). But Setting Panel is bit different and allows you to change the Download Settings and Chipset Number manually.

Flash Stock Rom :

It allows you to flash Stock Rom on Lenovo Qualcomm Chipset Smartphone and Tablets. Even it is compatible with other Qualcomm Chipset Devices than Lenovo Devices.

Downloads Settings :

It allows you to change Multiple Downloads Settings from the Download Panel including eMMC Programmer, Raw Programmer, and also Chipset Number.

Support For Other Devices :

It allows you to flash stock Rom on other Qualcomm Chipset Devices than Lenovo Devices. Simply install the Qualcomm USB Driver and Load the Firmware and you are ready to flash the Rom.

Download Lenovo Downloader Tool (Google Drive Link)

Lenovo Downloader v1.0.3

Lenovo Downloader v1.0.2

Once It’s Read

(Works for Qualcomm Chipset Only)*The above tool only works to flash Stock Rom on Lenovo devices having Qualcomm Chipset. It will not work for other Lenovo Device having other chipset than Qualcomm.

(How to Use)*If you want to learn how to flash stock Rom using the Lenovo Downloader Tool then read next article with How to use Lenovo Downloader Tool.

(Backup before using)* When you flash stock firmware with lenovo downloader tool, then all the data on the phone is being deleted forever, so we suggest you make a backup before flashing stock firmware

Alternative Tool : In addition to Lenovo Downloader Tool, you can flash a phone with a Qualcomm Chipset. If you wish, you can use any one from the list below. Qualfast, Qcom Phone Download Tool, GNQC Download Tool.

[Help]*  If you are having trouble Flashing Stock Rom in any of the Phones, then feel free to ask us at the Comment Box. We will help you as soon as possible.

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