How To Flash Stock Rom on Huawei Smartphone

In this article we will learn How To Flash Stock Rom on Huawei Smartphone. As the stock firmware (stock rom) of any phone is in a zip file. In which you will find the stock firmware of your Huawei Phone, which you can easily flash Huawei Phones. If you do not know how to flash the Huawei Phones, you can flash Stock Rom by following the Detailed Guideline Article given below.

Flash Stock Rom on Huawei Phones (Card Update)

Requirement : Before starting the Flashing Process, see that your Huawei Phone should have at least 50-60% Battery Charging and your phone should have an SD card (External Memory Card).

 Step 1  Create a new folder in the SD Card of your Huawei Phone and rename it to dload.

How to flash huawei smartphone

 Step 2  Now you have to Download Stock ROM for your Huawei Phone and after downloading, you have to Extract it on your Computer. After extracting Stock Rom File, you will see something like this.

How to flash huawei smartphone

Click to Download Huawei Roms

 Step 3  Now you have to paste the UPDATE.APP file into the dload folder of the Mirco SD Card (Which you created in #Step 1).

 Step 4  Now you have to Power off your Huawei Phone.

How to flash huawei smartphone

 Step 5  Now you have to press Volume Up, Volume Down and Power Button Simultaneously for 6-10 Seconds until the Updating Process itself starts.

How to flash huawei smartphone

 Step 6  Wait till the update process takes at least 10-15 minutes to complete.

How to flash huawei smartphone

 Step 7  Once your phone is updated, it will reboot automatically and be ready to use.

How to flash huawei smartphone

 Step 8  Congratulations, your Huawei Phone has been successfully updated.

Once It’s Read

[Danger of data loss]* When you flash stock firmware in your Huawei Phone, then all the data on the phone may be deleted, so we suggest you make a backup before Updating Stock firmware (stock rom).

[Warranty]* Updating your stock firmware (stock rom) in Huawei Phone then it’s does not end your phone’s warranty so you do not have to worry about it.

(Huawei Original Firmware)* If you are searching the original firmware of Huawei, you can download All Original Stock Firmware from Huawei here.

[Help]*  If you are having trouble Flashing Stock Rom in any of the Phones, then feel free to ask us at the Comment Box. We will help you as soon as possible.