OnePlus One Stock Firmware Rom (Flash File)

In this article we will learn how to Download Stock Firmware Rom of OnePlus One (Flash File). As the Stock Firmware Rom of any phone is in a zip file. In which you will find the Stock Firmware Rom, USB Driver and an Flash Tool, which you can easily flash your Phone. If you do not know how to flash the Phone, you can flash Stock Rom by following the Detailed Guideline Article given below.

Download OnePlus One Stock Firmware

File Name
Version 2.1.4
Update Date 2016-01-19
MD5 Hash 6712ce16816c38c22250203205fa8652
File Size 732 MB
Firmware Link Download Firmware
Caution: You should understand the risk of BRICKING your phone, read the instructions carefully if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing, and please always backup your important data before flashing.

Please also note: These instructions will work properly if you are already using OxygenOS and re-flashing it using this package. However, if you are coming from any other custom ROM, we recommend you to contact our Customer Support to help you in getting OxygenOS.

At last: If anything unexpected happens during flashing, please contact our customer support before your next move, we are always here to serve.

What’s new in this Update

Whereas many operating systems have fallen victim to an infestation of abrasive bloatware, OxygenOS 2.1.4 offers a clean, unburdened overall user experience. Now, because no two devices are the same, we inevitably had to deviate slightly from feature parity with the OnePlus 2. MaxxAudio’s proprietary sound technology and relevant applications were removed. The manual camera mode and RAW file format capability also did not make the final cut. For obvious reasons, there is no fingerprint support, nor a screen temperature slider. Beyond these concessions, you will be able to enjoy a version of OxygenOS that has been fully optimized for the OnePlus One.

OnePlus One users will benefit from other features unique to OxygenOS. Try Dark Mode to give your device a touch of elegance, or choose the accent color that suits your mood. Custom icon packs are also supported. With our App Permissions feature, you are in control over what information each app has access to. Finally, double tap to wake and all the other gestures you know and love can be toggled in the settings.

 How To Flash OnePlus One

1. Download the OxygenOS 2.1.4 and file for your OnePlus
One device.
2. Extract the and open the extracted folder.
3. Now Power Off your OnePlus One and put it in Fastboot Mode by
disconnecting the USB cable and then pressing and hold Power and
Volume Up button together.
4. Once in Fastboot Mode, please connect your OnePlus One and click on
5. Select 1 to check the connection status.
6. You should see a black screen on your computer displaying your device ID
and displaying “fastboot” in front of it. If you see this you are ready for the
next step. However if you don’t see the device ID and Fastboot written on
your computer screen please install the drivers using “DRIVERS.pdf” file and
then start with Step 4 again.
7. Now enter 2 in the command window and your device may reboot, if it does
not reboot please skip to step 9 else go to step 8.
8. Skip the setup process on your phone.
9. Press 5 on the command window and hit enter and your device should boot
into existing OS.
10. Copy the OxygenOS zip file to your phone which you downloaded separately
from the website.
11. Now power off your phone, disconnect the USB cable and put the device in
Fastboot mode again (Power + Volume UP).
12. Now connect the phone to your computer and enter 3 in the menu option of
the program.
13. Now enter 4 and you will enter into OnePlus recovery, if not then press and
hold Volume Down + Power Button
14. Inside OnePlus Recovery
· Select the language of your choice
· Select “Wipe data and cache”
· Select “Wipe data and cache” again
· Select “Yes”
· Select “done”
· Select “Install from local”
· Select the ROM zip package that you downloaded and copied before.
· Select “Yes”
· Click “Install”
· Select “Yes”
· Select “Reboot”
· Select “Reboot” again
Congratulations, Your phone is on OxygenOS now 🙂

Benefit of Flashing Stock Firmware

  • Flash Stock Firmware To Unbrick your Smartphone.
  • Flash Stock Firmware to Fix the Bootloop problem of your OnePlus One.
  • Upgrade or Downgrade your Smartphone if Upgrade or Downgrade Available.
  • Fully Unroot or Fix any Bugs on your phone.
  • Flash Stock Firmware to fix the lag or stutter on your OnePlus Phone.
  • By Flashing Stock Firmware, you can solve any software problems.
  • Flashing Stock Firmware in your phone to gain warranty again.

Once It’s Read Before Flashing Firmware

[Danger of data loss]* When you flash stock firmware in your Phone, then all the data on the phone is being deleted forever, so we suggest you make a backup before flashing stock firmware (stock rom).

[Flashing Stock firmware does not end Phone Warranty]* Stock firmware Flashing does not end phone’s warranty so you do not have to worry about it.

[Original Firmware]* If you are searching the original firmware of Other OnePlus Phones, you can download All Original Stock Firmware from here.

[Help]*  If you are having trouble Flashing Stock Rom in any of the Phones, then feel free to ask us in the Comment Box. We will help you as soon as possible.

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