Restore or Update iPhone Using iTunes

When your iPhone is lit up, there is usually no other option except to keep it in recovery mode and try to update or restore it using iTunes. As Apple has changed the steps to reboot the iPhone X, the steps to enable recovery mode on this new iPhone are also different. Follow our guide below to learn new steps.

You should know that if you restore your iPhone through iTunes in Recovery mode, then it will erase your entire device. So first try to update the software through iTunes.

To restore your device, 5 steps to insert the iPhone X in Recovery mode are as follows:

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Step 1 :  First, update to the latest iTunes release. If iTunes is currently running on your Mac or PC, quit it.

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Step 2 : Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC using the Lightning cable that can in the box with the iPhone. Now we’ll have to force restart the iPhone.

Step 3 : To do that, press the Volume Up button, then quickly press the Volume Down button and then press and hold the Side button till the iPhone reboots and you see the iTunes recovery screen on the iPhone.


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Step 4 : iTunes will now give you an indication whether you want to update or restore. Click Update and iTunes will attempt to update to the latest available software without wiping any data on your device. If the iPhone emits from recovery mode during the download, do not worry, follow step 4 to keep it back in recovery mode.

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Step 5 : After the update is completed, use iTunes to set up your iPhone.

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Note: If you want to get out of the recovery mode, disconnect your iPhone from the computer and press the Side button to boot up your iPhone.

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